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Priscilla ojo

Media considers her as an influential popular celebrity kid in Nigeria and she’s known to be 18 years of age..Her popularity is increasing because of her Instagram page..

Her style is very attractive and she as established herself as an exquisite fashionista..she always look picture perfect …Her fashion sense brought her more than 20k Instagram fans..

She is known is dress boyish,girly skirt,light sense… anyways she looks fashionable ..Here are some tips of her fashion..

stunning Priscilla

Like she said live is too short to wear boring shoes..

Swimwear trends

Swimwear are clothing’s design to be worn by people engaging in a water based activity or water sports such as swimming,diving, surfing… different types can be worn by men and women…here are some trending swim wears..

Regina Daniels rocking nice swim wear..

Regina daniels

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This life is full of ups and downs talking out of experience.. people get envious of others not because they don’t wish them good but because they don’t want them better than them…

1.. everyone wants to be successful but not everyone would be successful we just have to be determined and work harder to achieve something great..

I always wish I become someone great and popular…by all means..but I learnt things happen for a reason and purpose..

3… people come into your life for a reason not just by chance either to change you for good or bad..

4..some times people who sleep alot are lonely within..

Not everyone you see smiling are happy within some are pretending to be alright..

5… Most times people with advice are always the bitter or depressed one… because they must have gone through a lot to say something…

6.. people often change till they take their last we need to be guided..

7…Not everyone you share your secrets with are willing to keep and hold …some are the devil’s you don’t know..

8..Bad situations will always have something positive..cause even dead clock shows correct time twice a day..

9.. something’s where never meant be.. some people where never meant to meet and some people where never meant to fall in love..

10..Never forget what someone tells you when they are angry cause that when the truth comes out..

11.. some people no longer have the energy for meaningless friendship,forced interaction or unnecessary conversation..

12..some people are privilege to meet their Mr or Mrs right..but cheating makes some person’s to leave their precious diamond in search of stone..

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Different pants to rock

These are casual pants to rock..and the things to consider when going aboDungareesut to getting your own pants.

1..The style matches your age

2..The color of pant complement

3..The pant matches your shape

Baggy pants

Are the ones which are fitted at the waist and flares towards the leg


This are fitted pants made of knitted stretch mater.There also jeggings and treggings which looks like jeans with small details like pockets..


Are trousers with a bib which is attached to the back with two adjustable straps ..They are made of thick materials .The bib also has a pocket


Are made up of rough thick materials called denim it’s also characterised by double stiching line

Bell bottoms

Bell bottoms are fitted at the waist hips and thighs and from the knees..

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I wish to talk about myself …well am still young but I have always wanted to stand out and live big because that my dream and also to become brand ambassadors for some company’s..I have so many role models which am looking on to..I have keen interest in fashion..but I have always wanted to be popular and I taught of modelling and acting but none worked now I got into blogging and am really hoping to become a successful one because I have interest in fashion ..and i won’t hesitate to provide fashion tips..

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